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What is ScaffShield?

Do you want a safer construction site for you and your team?

ScaffShield is a revolutionary anti-tamper locking assembly which reduces the risk of scaffold ties and couplers from being detached from fixed scaffolding, thereby reducing scaffold collapse or failure leading to injury and disruptions.
ScaffShield is the only engineered control product on the market that allows you to prevent scaffold nuts from being removed or loosened by unauthorised personnel, increasing safety on your site.

Australia’s number one award winning scaffolding safety locks for scaffolding and building site safety.

Now available to purchase

Are you a Scaffolder?

Avoid onsite tampering to your scaffolding

Mitigate your risk from injury claims and litigation

Improve your peace of mind with secure site safety

Are you a builder?

Lower your liability from fall injuries and prevent deaths

Avoid costly down time and site closures

Stay work-safe compliant and steer clear of on the spot fines

How ScaffShield works

ScaffShield is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to secure your scaffold and provide peace of mind that it is safe for use. It is the first and only control measure of its kind.



Screw Scaffshield over existing coupler nut using Scaffkey.



Test sleeve to ensure that it is free-spinning and functioning correctly.



Install the yellow safety cap.

Easy to install

Masonary Anchor Install
Impact Driver Install
Anchor Shield Install
Ratchet Install

The sign of a safer site

Scaffold collapse or failure is a major risk for construction projects throughout the world, it can cause significant injury or even be fatal.

ScaffShield is the only engineered control measure available which prevents unauthorised scaffold tampering.

ScaffShield will provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that your building site is safer.

It’s not worth the risk. Try ScaffShield on your site today and you will soon  wonder how you ever got by without it.

Reduce the financial and reputational risk of a scaffolding safety incident on your site with ScaffShield

Scaffshield was born out of a serious scaffold accident that occurred in Sydney, NSW in 2019.

Our team’s immediate thoughts were:

– How can we fix this problem?

– How can we reduce the amount of people getting injured on building sites? How can we help ensure more workers get home to their families safely?

What followed was the research and development of the ScaffShield locking system, which is now available to everyone.

ScaffShield makes the construction industry a safer place to work, and we are very proud of this. We strongly believe it will reduce injury and deaths on building sites globally.

The new standard in onsite scaffold safety


Control your scaffolding, no matter what. ScaffShield is an engineered control measure, reducing the risk of unlicensed tampering on active sites and lowering staff exposure to injury and death.


Prevent emotional, financial and reputational damage to your business from unsecured scaffolding. ScaffShields accident prevention system is simple to install, cost effective, and scaleable to any project.


Security and safety are all rolled into one with ScaffShield! Give your workers, scaffolders, builders, developers, insurers and the general public peace of mind on construction projects of all sizes.

What our clients say


"The unique and patented design allows you to protect your scaffolding from unauthorised adjustment or removal of components."


Sort your sites scaffold safety

Scaffold collapses cause damage, injury and even death across active works sites in the construction, mining and transport industries. ScaffShield is a cost effective, easy to install solution that protects your team, your business and your site.

Enquire now with our safety specialists to secure your site.

Our location: 13-17 Donaldson Street, Wyong NSW 2259

Scaffshield is the best decision you will make for your team, your site and your business. Don’t wait for a scaffolding incident. TAKE ACTION TODAY.